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Lorraine Bushek Studio
Welcome to Lorraine Bushek Studio

My fascination with animals, the role they play in the world and their relationship with humans began as a very young child. My love of all animals and art weave together naturally to give me direction and enjoyment in my work.

My work explores the relationships between light, form and subject.

With influences as diverse as the Venetian techniques of 17th - 18th century painters and today’s plein air style, I vary my work between realistic still lifes and relaxed, light-hearted animal portraits. I like the variations and relationships generated from both opaque and transparent oil paints. With either subject, I start my paintings with the Bistre method, employing a single color to wipe out paint until I feel I have the under painting perfectly laid out. It is at this point I move to full color. I prefer a classic palette when painting a still life and a comtemporay palette when painting animals.

I gladly accept commissions in sizes 8" x 8" to 24" x 36". 

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